Earth, present day. With human civilization facing ever-worsening climate calamities, the captains of industry set their sights on a new planet. Soon, a secret public-private partnership is selling tickets to Mars at a premium out of reach for the majority of the population, for whom the choice is either indentured servitude in the new offworld colony or perishing in the coming cataclysm. When the world’s governments decide to speed things up by declaring war on Earth and the rabble they’re leaving behind, the planet forges a strategic alliance with an unlikely partner: an underground luddite movement. Some will join the uprising, others will become fanatical defenders of entrenched power structures, while yet others will do everything in their power to continue living exactly the same way they always have.

Its star-studded cast and astronomical production values — painstakingly purloined from some of the biggest blockbusters of the past three decades — make Earth II the most expensive climate disaster epic to be produced for no money.

Recent Screenings

12.9.2023 _ Madrid, ES _ La Casa Encendida

11.4.2023 _ Brooklyn, NY _ BAM

10.13.2023 _ New Lebanon, NY _ Abode Farm

8.24.2023 _ Madison, WI _ Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

7.30.2023 _ Trois Rivières, QC

6.12.2023 _ Helsinki, FI _ Lymy

5.19.2023 _ Newcastle, UK _ Star & Shadow Cinema

5.18.2023 _ Liverpool, UK _ Metal Liverpool

5.14.2023 _ Bristol, UK _ Cube Cinema

5.11.2023 _ London, UK _ Prince Charles Cinema

1.6-25.2023 _ Brooklyn, NY _ Spectacle Theater

12.16.2022 _ Santa Cruz, CA _ Deer Creek Solar Cinema

10.30.2022 _ Glasgow, UK _ Centre for Contemporary Arts

10.23.2022 _ Queens, NY _ Museum of the Moving Image

10.15.2022 _ Quebec City, QC _ Le 13/2

10.14.2022 _ Montreal, QC _ La Lumiere Collective

10.7-9.2022 _ Iowa City, IA _ FilmScene

9.28.2022 _ Seattle, WA _ Grand Illusion Cinema

9.27.2022 _ Portland, OR _ Clinton Street Theater

9.25.2022 _ Oakland, CA _ Tamarack

9.24.2022 _ San Francisco, CA _ Other Cinema

9.22.2022 _ Los Angeles, CA _ Brain Dead Studios

8.3.2022 _ Jacksonville, FL _ Sun-Ray Cinema

7.28.2022 _ Atlanta, GA _ Hi-Lo Press

6.26.2022 _ Minneapolis, MN _ Minnesota Arts Building

6.23.2022 _ Brooklyn, NY _ UnionDocs

6.3.2022 _ New York, NY _ Anthology Film Archives

5.29.2022 _ Milwaukee, WI _ Microlights

5.21.2022 _ Columbia, MO _ Ragtag Cinema

5.7.2022 _ New York, NY _ Maysles Documentary Center

1.22.2022 _ Brooklyn, NY _ Spectacle Theater

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The Anti-Banality Union is a collective that re-cuts Hollywood blockbusters into new feature-length films. Their work has been screened at Spectacle Theater, Anthology Film Archives, the Museum of the Moving Image, and several undisclosed squats & communes.